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Affidavit of Plight
Above, Beyond
with details

with details
Where one day becomes all days
with another view

Poster for my " ... still thinking ..." exhibition
and for the one-day workshop which
Carl Fairweather and I will run in Hawera, in May.
The proper poster for the gallery

When they heard about the Second Coming The love of money is the root of all evil Even the best memories

Marianne's Brushes

Me and Mine Ring the bells, the best is behind us.

Remnant of the Big Bang I always thought that the path would be clear Juxtaposition of disparate elements
(see the response to the naming request)

From nothing to nowhere Integrity Copper Leaves

THINKS - my exhibition
which was at the Percy Thomson Gallery in Stratford

Click here to see the assemblages in the exhibition ...
absolutely superb photos by Rhonda Bunyan.

or click here to see
how the exhibition looked with the assemblages
surrounded by the international collage collection.
The gallery did an exciting job of hanging this show.
The International Collage Collection
Selling well.

Amongst all your treasures
the most precious is time

from the HIVE MIND exhibition
at the Village Gallery, Eltham.
from the exhibition of the same name
at the Percy Thomson Gallery, Stratford.

A Parting Gift So little time to fly No Planet B

Ambition, Hopes & Dreams Complex Parabola
One of the four 3D graphs you get by
plotting y=x²   where x and y are complex numbers.

Gift from the TruthSayer The Kardashians' Anatomy Lesson for Little Girls The Future Will Engulf

Be as good as you can, at what you can.
While you can.
From Granny Devereux Dead Man Dreaming

Taniwha under the Huatoki Bridge Relic

Wherever you go, there you are WarMaker Diminuendo

Philosophy of the Found
An edition of 100 handbound books of my work.
Written printed and bound during lockdown.
All sold now.

Mindfulness Out of Africa Gift from the Sea

A Walk Through the Cemetery Last in the Line

The cockeyed optimist and the inadequate navigator

And a few of my earlier favourites.
A lot more can be seen in the 8 'rooms' of my own site, at www.dalecopeland.co.nz
(with details)
The Orphan The inevitability of mathematics
(with details)

Generation Me Back from the Wars Self Portrait: 5,40,72

The old woman from Mensa KNOWS what she's losing

From the Psych Ward

Democracy is coming

The one true prophecy Free will? Yes.
Freedom of Choice? No.
The Carousels of Paris


I find junk, see treasure.
I keep things for years until they find their place.

Life, The Universe, and All That

I've been an artist, and exhibited widely, for 50 years.
Mid-life career change? I used to be a mathematician, teacher, physicist, computer programmer
. . . it feels like another life, another person. I am very fortunate, having so many choices.

I live at Puniho in rural New Zealand with my partner, the painter Paul Hutchinson. It's a good life.

My works are in the collections of Puke Ariki, The Dowse Art Museum, the Govett Brewster Art Gallery, the Gisborne Museum and Arts Centre, Massey University, the James Wallace Art Trust and the Lessedra International Art Collection. And in private collections. I miss them, these lost treasures.

Photo by Robbii, USA

More of my work, and the books which I make, can be seen on my site at dalecopeland.co.nz

Click here if you'd like to read my CV / biography.

email Dale at dale @ tart.co.nz (remove the spaces)

Or phone 06 752 8126 and leave a message.

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