Heidi Griffin

New Zealand painter.

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The Spectators

For many years when younger, I did not realise I could do something others couldn’t. I thought everyone could draw and paint and I didn’t appreciate my skills, as I've got older I value my abilities more.
My whole life has been a creative whirl, from painting, illustrating, commercial artwork and theatre backdrops. As well as running businesses and trying new things, always using my creativity where I can.
My strong colourful and bold artworks have sold worldwide. I like to capture a moment, with a fun lifestyle angle. Working mainly with acrylic on canvas.
There have been some prolific brush wielding times in my hectic life, and then some less productive times but I see ‘moments’ everywhere that I’d like to paint one day and store the idea in my overflowing head and ideas book. .

Heidi Griffin lives in New Plymouth, New Zealand

Contact her on 027 726 5492

email Heidi at   heidi.griffin.art @ gmail.com (remove spaces)

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