Earlier paintings by Jan Huijbers

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Spirula The Blue Shade Kina illusion

Paua Rainbow Connections Floating Memories

Starfish with Kina Kãkãriki kuku

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Paua Story Kina Red Beach Pebbles

Kina Moana Beach Life

Kina Reflections

Click here to see the Ocean Patterns exhibition of Jan's new paintings

Jan Huijbers

Description of work
"The intention of my work is to make the viewer aware of the wellbeing of the ocean. For me the ocean is the most beautiful thing in the world with all its blue and purity. Nowere else are the colours so beautiful as here in the Pacific. But those colours are fading as well as its creatures. They (the ocean) don't have the power to stop the abuse and attack from human activity. Their spirit is enclosed in the story shown in the art, to tell us to make a connection/bridge of respect to their world. Restoring this repect will give us both the right to live; destruction will end both worlds."

Brief biography
Jan is a full time artist currently residing in New Plymouth, Taranaki.
In his art career he has been commissioned by Gilze Reijen for the City Council building; the "Trappisten Abbey" in Zundert, 300th anniversary of a guild in Zundert.
Migrating to Aotearoa in 1983 from the Netherlands, Jan has since adopted the Pacific influence and develops his own insights of its methodologies.
As a practising artist, he is a committee member of the North Taranaki Community Arts council. He has joined in selected group exhibitions and created several mural art works for the New Plymouth District Council, New World and several other companies.
He has exhibited internationally and locally, throughout the North and South Islands.
Selected shows include: Mishima Japan 1992; Melbourne Australia "Chapel of Chapel Gallery" 2003; Illustrator for the new Puke Ariki Museum creating pre-European Maori images with consent and collaboration of the Maori tribe chiefs and elders; solo exhibiiton at the Percy Thomson Gallery in Stratford 2005.
Nominated for the Martin Hughes Contemporary Pacific Art Award in Auckland in 2005.

Jan Huijbers lives and works in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

email Jan at   janhuijbnz @ gmail.com (remove the spaces)

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