From Shakespeare to everything else!

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From Shakespeare to everything else! and detail
Bone china Shakespearean Sonnet pieces on book like form, containing my plant fibre papers,
words from family letter on shellac tissue paper, a collection of papers,
plus my shibori dyed silk and a found squashed cigarette packet !
You could say the book is really about me !

The detail shows my Shakespearean Bone China Plaque with
fragments of the sonnet and olde English writing & signature.

17 x 38 x 31 cm
Lesley le Grove
$600 nz plus postage

I lived in New Zealand for 60 years, then followed three daughters to Perth Australia.
I taught Art Fabric & Photography at Secondary level for 23 years and have been very involved in Wearable art.
My artwork now is mostly using my handmade papers, found objects, collaged mixed media.

I have also been exploring Print making.

Lesley now lives in Perth, Australia.
email Lesley at

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