Alby Carter

Expressionist painter and woodblock printmaker of the Taranaki landscape.

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Tapuae Dead Trees Muriwai No. 2

Leonie's glasshouse Leonie's back yard Leonie's front yard

Dead Trees Muriwai Old House Otakeho

Alby Carter

1949 Born in Wellington, New Zealand.
1965 Moved to Mahia Peninsula, took up painting seriously.
1973 Moved back to Wellington. Painting part time, Wellington & Wairarapa coasts.
1973 -'81 Worked for 2 years as carpenter in Conservation Section of National Art Gallery.
1982 Moved to Hawera, Taranaki.
1986 Started painting full time.
1990 Started block reduction printing.
2000 Moved to Okato, Taranaki.
1990 Joint award winner in "Taranaki Review", Govett Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth.
1993 "Letters from Ronald's Room", Gallery Seventy Nine, Hawera.
1994 -'95 "Four and Against" Blue Moon Gallery, Wellington; CSA Gallery, Christchurch; Suter Gallery, Nelson.
1997 AVANT GARAGE Sale, New Plymouth.

Alby's studio is at 39 Cumming St, Okato, New Zealand

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