Anne Holliday

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Dead goat hanging on a fence - the last expression Surveying the lost landscape

Two wrongs to ruin Drawing 9 Stabbed in the Back

Evidence A Evidence B

Drawing 7 Drawing 3 Drawing 1 Drawing 4

After the Accident Old Sparky's Armchair

Girl Painting

Hammer #1 Hammer #2

Target same old ... Evidence

Scorecard Silence Me

After the Chathams Barbed wire and clouds Boxed Up

Crackdown Trigger Happy

Yellow Digger Long Digger Yellow Driver

this don't mean that it ain't no good The Dayroom at Bedlam

Fire Extinguisher Shot in the back Vowing Innocence

Avoiding the Camera Preparing for the Worst

Fighting Back 1 Fighting Back 2

Somewhere between
a coffin & a heart
The lucky ones breathe oxygen Births, Deaths, Engagements

Goatskin on a Fence Family Notices

off the wall over the edge In the dock

Man holding overhead busrail

Anne lives in New Plymouth, New Zealand

email Anne at anneholliday12 @ (remove spaces)

Go to to see the Five from the Outer Edge exhibition.

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