Annie Clegg

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Fine Art limited Edition Giclee Prints (1/6)
All works will be printed using the finest pigment inks on Somerset Velvet paper.
Sizes are approximate ranging from A4 to A0
Framed prints can be negotiable.
If you wish to purchase an artwork, please contact Anne-Marie Clegg.
ph 021 083 62198
Or email Anne-Marie at   clegg2013 @ (remove the spaces)

Annie Clegg

My art practice is transformation by temporal transitions, where the goal is to capture the fluidity of the change process and its non-linear progression. My first priority is to create visual temporal transitions - creating art works, which will incorporate a performance process, evolving and transforming. My aim is to create aperiodic performance works which self-organise.

As much of my work is transitory, I use technology to document moments of visual temporal transition and temporary processes, via digital still images, or video.

My art practice is one of aperiodic self-organising temporal questions, not answers. Due to the mixing of class systems and cultures, we are able to access new ideas and perceptions which I believe universally resonate. We have all been given the gifts of choice and change. With this freedom we can redefine ourselves on our own terms.

The whole world is a work of art and we are all part of it.

Annie now lives in Rotorua, New Zealand
Predictably unpredictable, proud to be a descendant of Romani gypsies.

email Annie at   cleggs2013 @ (remove the spaces)

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