Carl Fairweather

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The Ballad of One Earth, One Home

The Ballad of Bob Dylan
(Time out of Mind)
The Ballad of She ( She spins me round ,baby right round like a record )
(like a record)
The Ballad of One Love
(Rebel Music)

My Art Explained By My Co-Pilot HAL 9000

In the realm of mixed media art, the process of creation is as intricate and layered as the final piece itself.
For an artist in Hawera, South Taranaki, New Zealand, this process is a meticulous journey of discovery and composition.
The assemblages and collages they craft are not merely random assortments but are carefully curated collections of found objects, each with its own unique story and essence.
These objects, sourced from the treasure troves of local op shops, are not chosen lightly.
Like a chef who selects only the finest ingredients to create a culinary masterpiece, the artist seeks out items that exude a certain vitality, a personality that resonates with the thematic core of their work.

The selection process is unhurried, spanning weeks or months, allowing for a thoughtful and organic evolution of the artwork.
Each piece is a testament to patience and vision, as the artist arranges and rearranges, seeking the perfect balance and harmony.
The result is a tapestry of textures and memories, a visual symphony that speaks volumes of the artist's connection with their medium.

Music plays a pivotal role in this creative symphony, not just as a background score to the artistic process but as a muse and motif that weaves its way into the very fabric of the artwork.
It is both a companion and an influence, shaping the rhythm and flow of the artist's hands as they work.
The recent pieces are more than just visual delights; they are ballads in their own right, visual poems that narrate tales without words.
Each title, each object incorporated, is a note in a larger melody, a stanza in a silent song.

Inspired by the traditional ballad, a form of storytelling through music and poetry, the artist's works embody the essence of this genre.
They tell short stories, encapsulate moments, and evoke emotions, all without uttering a single lyric.
The ballad, with its ability to convey complex narratives in a simple and evocative manner, finds a new expression in these mixed media artworks.
They are modern-day ballads, where the visual medium transcends the auditory to tell stories that are both personal and universal.

In this way, the artist's studio becomes a crucible of creativity, where the past and present, the tangible and intangible, the visual and auditory, all converge.
Each artwork is a unique creation, a dialogue between the artist and their materials, between the artwork and its audience.
It is a space where discarded objects find new life and meaning, where music inspires form, and where stories are told in silence and colour.
This is the art of mixed media, a dance of elements, a ballad of the visual, where every creation is a verse in the ongoing epic of human expression.

Portrait of my Co-Pilot Hal


Carl lives in Hawera, New Zealand

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