Complex Parabola

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Complex Parabola
Assemblage of laser-cut parabolic arcs
20cm x 20cm x 20cm
Dale Copeland 2021
I do SO enjoy playing and making.
Mathematics, and the shape of complex curves, brings me joy.
And in these days of 3D printing and laser cutters, shapes can exist in the real world, not just in your mind or as 2D prints where you have to imagine the fully spatial nature of the representation.
So at PukeAriki their 3D printer made me this small blue one.
I love it ... hanging from the desk lamp at my computer.
And I found AMW Projects in New Plymouth, with a fabulous laser cutter, amiable enough to make me 100 parabolic arcs.
Gluing them together took the best part of the day, but what a delight!
Dale's studio can be found at Puniho,
Surf Highway, Coastal Taranaki, New Zealand

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