Dorothy Andrews

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Where Corals Lie The Sins of the Fathers shall be Visited Upon the Children We Will Dance Until the End of Time

Purple Sunset

The Trawl Net

From Out of the Darkness

These six works reflect our attitude towards climate change and the way we care for our planet.
Looking back over history both distant and recent, Earth always seems to recover from disasters, natural and man made
but there are changes, modifications and adaptations.

Our world is a beautiful place so we should be doing our utmost to keep it that way so that our children do not have to struggle in a hostile environment.


I was born in Norwich England and I have spent most of my life living in Taranaki.

I studied Art at WITT graduating with a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2011.

The inspiration for my work, comes from the lines, patterns and textures of the natural world around me.

The drive for my work comes from my concern for the future. We have manipulated plants and animals to suit our own needs, destroyed things that inconvenienced us and plundered and wasted many resources, not to mention the mountains of rubbish accumulating everywhere. Throughout history man has made a mess of things, but never on the scale of this generation.

What will become of our children?

Dorothy lives and works in Inglewood, Taranaki, New Zealand

More of her works can be found on her website at

email her   at dotti.and @ (without the spaces)

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