Well, the thought did cross my mind

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Well, the thought did cross my mind
January 2022
Graeme Thompson

"Well, the thought did cross my mind...[WTTDCMM] to which the response, from people who know me, is a resounding chorus of " ... but did it hit anything!?!"

Its main structure is the inner workings of a piano keyboard; pushing the felt tips on the top of the vertical levers does make the keys work.
Incorporated in WTTDCMM are board game pieces from: a reproduction of a Viking strategy game, four dragons, and wooden pieces painted silver.
There are also silver (yes Ag) Catholic medallions, and Hawaiian plant leaves covered in gold (yes, Au), two plastic baby dolls (not from my sleepwear), four Soviet Merchant Marine uniform buttons; two tap handles that double as handling handles; several earthenware spacers for a pottery kiln; three assorted pressure gauges, a complete set of miniature aluminium British Campaign medals 1798 to 1901, a pair of Triangular Mandala earrings, four toy skyscrapers from a Godzilla game,, an enigmatic "D.", a checkerboard ceramic decanter lid, green paint and a lot of glue.

Graeme Thompson lives in New Plymouth, New Zealand

email Graeme at gtarchivist@yahoo.com

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