Untitled   [skull-head todler with black tricycle]

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Untitled   [skull-head todler with black tricycle]
February 2022
Graeme Thompson

Part of my Memento Mori series, I really was ambivalent about this one until I found the wooden tricycle, which I roughly planed then spray painted black to make it look as though it was charred wood.

I still felt it needed something else, then I discovered one of those goofy (but charming) home crocheted woollen teddy bears, drew dead "X" eyes on it and gave it a down-turned mouth with its tongue sticking out at an odd angle.
Giving the skull-head toddler its own dead teddy bear made it "meta" enough to click with me..

Graeme Thompson lives in New Plymouth, New Zealand

email Graeme at gtarchivist@yahoo.com

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