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Celebrating Summer Rediscovering Eden Windsong

Beyond the Backyard Life At The Top

Lee Russell - Artist

LEE RUSSELL is an Elected Artist member of the NZ Academy Of Fine Arts and a past president of the Taranaki Society of the Arts.

In today's turbulent world, Lee's art serves as a beacon of joy and peace, evoking cherished memories of the past.

"I paint in acrylics and mixed media and often my subjects are landscapes, seascapes, and the human condition. The paintings are not meticulously planned but rather guided by intuition and profound emotional connection. Sometimes, photographs provide me with a reference, while at other times, the inspiration springs from my own memories and imagination.

My paintings of children and other subjects have hints of three dimensional qualities, and being romantic and slightly surrealistic in style, attempt to capture differing moods within the environment.

I was fortunate in my painting odyssey to experience three months as a practicing artist in the English Lake District, being inspired by the breathtaking environment of that mystical place."

Many examples of Lee's work have found homes in New Zealand and internationally.

Today, Lee resides in Waikanae on the Kapiti Coast while retaining a link to Taranaki through the Virtual Tart website. Her artistic journey continues to inspire those who encounter her creations.

Lee and David are now living in Waikanae, on the Kapiti Coast.
email Lee at   leedavid @ outlook.co.nz (remove the spaces)

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