Lesley le Grove

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Precious Weighted Words and Layers Autumn Repairs From Shakespeare to everything else!
(with detail)

Mixed Media
Major mediums Porcelain
& Handmade Kniphofia & Harareke(NZ flax) papers
& found objects.

Lesley le Grove

I have been working with Porcelain - my first 'love'- and plant fibre papers for 18 years.

I have also been exploring Print making.

My series of envelopes as containers for Secrets, Treasures and messages.

They often include personal dates and objects relating to myself or for whoever the Art piece is for.

More recently I have been 'playing'with the idea of which is Porcelain and which is Paper? these Postcards also carry codes, symbols -secrets again- Wearable paper sculptures and mixed media collages are current ideas also using both main mediums and usually carrying communication. "Secrets and Treasures"

Lesley is now living in Perth, West Australia.

email Lesley at lesley.legrove24@gmail.com

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