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Dale's doboks


  My inspiration springs from fascinating glimpses of the now, where people, objects, shades of light and dark come together in a moment never to be repeated. I focus on the spiritual cognisance of the impermanence of all things.

I produce large black and white photographs capturing everyday life in a way that is dynamic, interesting, sometimes challenging, and at times ironic and humorous.

Without colour there is greater emphasis on form; gradients of light and dark interact with each other; sometimes playing with one another, sometimes sparring. From an artistic viewpoint, colour depicts reality; black and white is an interpretation of reality.

My subjects are an eclectic mix of no one specific genre, though my eye is always drawn to subjects that embrace the mundanity of everyday existence. I am attracted to gritty cityscapes, and am fascinated by the manners in which humans define their sense of self. The moment in time that is captured is the culmination of all their moments on Earth; location, clothes, props, attitude, stature, expression, mannerisms.

My eye is scanning continuously, looking for images from within the ordinary, by giving them time, place and context it delivers them to the 'meaningful'.

Rhonda Bunyan

Rhonda lives just out of Okato, Taranaki.
She says "We really do live the ‘good life’ in our very own little spot in Taranaki, near the Hangatahua (Stony River)
with majestic views of our maunga and the odd cow."

More of Rhonda's work can be seen on her website at www.rhondabunyan.co.nz
Rhonda can be contacted at rhonda.bugs@xtra.co.nz

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