Tony Rumball

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Jobs Jobs Jobs Pumpkin Soup Biking along

Beautifully Done New Plymouth from Offshore

A toy with Four Hens da Vinci et al A Coat From Kreisler

Ménage à Trois Trev Takes Black Queen

Tom's Wedding Family on Boulder Bank It's a Long Way to Tipperary

At a Loose End Riversdale Drive

I'm Game

Year of the Fruit Fly Up Styx and Away

Cards After Cézanne A Kiwi Enjoying Paris #4 Pink Moon

A Grecian Victory Lap Be Still My Beating Heart

Judging the Budgies Shushing Chagall A Last Ciggie

Snap Bathing After Hockney

Setting Up the Show Pomp and Circumstance An Early Calf

Palaeolithic Roundup

A Soft Touch Dancing After Matisse

Forget Poland Local Heroes Checkmate

Paddling in the Baltic Bushfires

Wary Rams Tough Guy at East End Beach Parched and Dusty

Jerusalem NZ Churchill and Kings College Chapel

Party Central Your Hair Consider the Poppies

Yellow Pole and Nikau Shortly for Poland

Tony's studio is in New Plymouth, New Zealand.

Plenty of his paintings can be viewed at the studio, along with albums and digital images.

Apart from some temporary exhibitions, he is represented at Zimmerman Art Gallery in Palmerston North
and Koru on Devon Gallery in New Plymouth .

See New Plymouth’s Koru on Devon Gallery
and the Zimmerman Art Gallery in Palmerston North

email Tony at
Or phone (06) 759 1629

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All images © Tony Rumball