Ancient Egyptian Fertility Figurine

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Title: 'Ancient Egyptian Fertility Figurine'
Medium: Watercolour paint with wax crayon and oil pastel on Fabriano cotton paper, unframed
Size: 23 x 30.5cm
Price: NZ $200 plus postage

Description of this 'Ancient Egyptian Fertility Figurine':

Terracotta Fertility Figurine found as tomb equipment from (French Expedition Excavations) Upper Egypt, Luxor (Thebes).

The face is not carefully modelled as the artist's main concern was to place emphasis on the sexual parts of the body: the slight breasts and large heavily marked pubic area.

Most Egyptologists believe now that the function of the female figurine found within the tomb was to guarantee rebirth in the afterlife.

Date: Ancient Egyptian period, New Kingdom (1550 – 1069 BCE)
Height: 17cm Width: 7cm Depth: 2.5cm

Now found in the Antiquities Museum – Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt

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Image © Jenny Bielawski