Venus of Renancourt

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Title: 'Venus of Renancourt'
Medium: Watercolour paint, oil pastel and black ink, Fabriano cotton paper, unframed.
Size: 23 x 30.5cm
Price: NZ $ 200 plus postage

Details about the Venus of Renancourt:

This statuette has the familiar form of a Palaeolithic ‘Venus’ figurine.

Carved out of chalk with a height of 4cm, the female figure has prominent fleshy thighs, buttocks and breasts typical of the late phase of the Gravettian culture (28,000- 22,000 years ago).

The face is undistinguishable and arms are barely there, but more clearly defined features include the figures navel and her hair or headwear, marked out by thin incised grid-like lines.

This Venus was recovered in 2019 during excavations in the Renancourt district of Amiens, France.

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Jenny lives in Tarata, Taranaki, New Zealand

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Image © Jenny Bielawski