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August 28, 2001

MrMarvin, Minneapolis, MN USA
Thank you for sharing your fine work.

August 28, 2001

Piërre en Malinie, Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands
Jan, schitterend mooie schilderijen. Net zo mooi als die hier in huis hangen.
Veel succes met je werk en de groeten aan iedereen.

August 16, 2001

Ben Woollcombe, Newzeal
Like your site and would host you as a link if you will do sme with my URL
Please advise My site is at www. Thanks ben

August 14, 2001

nicky campbell, newzealand
excellant work

August 8, 2001

gayleen schrider, nz
have been dying to get online to see this. still learning my way around the net but this is one of the first sites i wanted to look at.keep it up.

August 8, 2001

little bobby duncan, USA
Wow! A very strong show. Beautiful pieces , strong emotional content. It makes me wish that I had time to submit a piece. Your piece was very touching. It's always great as an artist to find another medium to inspire you.
Thanks, little b

August 6, 2001

Glenys Bloor, New Zealand
Dale-CONGRATULATIONS.Well done on a great exhibition.A great deal of thought and work has been accomplished.Looks great on the net as well.I'll be working towards the next showing.

August 6, 2001

Merlene Shedlock, New Zealand.
This site has been an inspiration and I never knew that the Taranaki had such a lively art community, keep up the good work.

August 3, 2001

Kathleen Harrington, USA
on a job well done.
Thank you for taking on this HUGE project. The gallery looks terrific - beautiful space. This is the most fun art event of the year.
- Kathleen Harrington

August 2, 2001

Nancy caiger country,
Hi Dale,
congrats on putting together the collage exhibition.
wonderful works.

August 2, 2001

deb, this one
Makes me want to go and Do Something!

August 1, 2001

Jane Sauer, USA
This is great. I would love to be considered for the next Baker's Dozen. I am nationally known 3-d textile artist. My work is owned by many museums. I think this is a very exciting cross-cultural project. I enjoyed the exhibit, the links and other info. Thanks....... I am teaching at Fiber Forum in Geelong Australia next Sept.

July 29, 2001

AUST, Adelaide
The viewing was fantastic. It is great to see that there are amazing artists who originate from the county of my surname. I am too an artist and hope to bring my work when i come over!!

July 17, 2001

Ross Donald, Kiwi
Great site. Thoroughly enjoyed my stay

July 16, 2001

Ceri O'Connor, NZ

July 16, 2001

Warren Alcock, kiwi
Great concept.Would like to be able to see more works.

July 11, 2001

deb, 'ere
lovely job you 2!
and flicking through fairly fast (brr) the images are small enough for other thoughts to occur -
ooh, that looks like a - before seeing what they actually are. Which is part of the movement, nei trala!

July 6, 2001

Rachel Hosking, NZ
I didnt know so many good artists were around in Taranaki, good to see.
And I enjoyed looking through everybodies art work.

July 5, 2001

Rana Mason Ihaka, New Zealand
Really powerful work enjoyed viewing...

July 2, 2001

Olga Neal, Nova Scotia, Canada
Re Graham Kirk: It's not fair to view this talented artist's work on a tiny screen.
When one can see the real thing, it must surely shout loud and clear , "This is New Zealand -- and I love it." Someday, Graham, I shall visit your studio. That's a promise!

July 1, 2001

little bobby duncan, USA
What a great show! It's amazing how much simple shapes and objects, in and out of context, can evoke the past. Bravo again.wee rabbie

June 29, 2001

Recently during a two week North island Holiday we visited Joyce Young and were delighted with her wealth of information and by her inspired pottery. We came home with several pieces for our garden and look forward to adding to them in the near future. What a wonderful assett Taranaki has in Joyce!

June 29, 2001

Pax Jakupa, Papua New Guinea
Just viewing TART WITH TOM Evans of Hawera. I am interested in starting up a similar galeery here in PNG. Any ideas would be gratefully accepted.

June 29, 2001

Phil Stephens, Whyalla South Australia
Formerly from Hawera,it is great to see the array of talented artists, I think living in such a beautiful,place you either,don't realise what you have,or you grow up with an appreciation of that beauty.For these artists to be able to express it,is an indication that this beauty is well and truely appreciated.As is their art work.

June 28, 2001

lily carter, wellington,nz
Hi Everyone, Great to see everyones work on display. This was the 1st time i have ever looked at this site myself.
Good to see i recognise 99% of the artists.Keep up the good work!!!

June 25, 2001

Paul Howland, New Zealand Loved your site !
Alby Carter, Waldo Hartley, Rodger Morris, All wonderful !
but where is Marianne Muggeridge?
No 1 piece ! Waldo "The Transgenic Bridge"

June 24, 2001

Gemma Walsh, Ireland
I think all the art is fab!! But the link to "The war painting to end all war paintings" has been down for well over two months.... when's it going to be fixed?

June 21, 2001

brad monaghan, nz-formerly taras
this site is amazing, am currently working on a plan fo a contemporary art gallery in nelson, this site and the art on it is pretty inspirational. a terrific site that showcases the depth and diversity of art in taranaki, i never realised how many artists live down the coast-wicked!

June 20, 2001

Jaime Diana Gordon, England
I think that the work is very well done.
I love looking at artistic work and this is the best sight I have come accross.

June 18, 2001

Rosemarie Cavaney (nee Knapman), New Zealand
Born and bred in Opunake and now interested in getting my poetry out there at
So pleased to be able to see other Taranaki artists on the web. Now living in Southland and grat that I can view your work on the web. - Rosemarie

June 17, 2001

Nora Banks, N.P. N.Z.
Great to see your work out front again,
it is looking excellent on my screen, and is worth the visit.

June 17, 2001

anne fleming, new zealand
denise newlands work is inspirational.M y best liked painting was anticipation, then embrace ,philoendra pathways and maori design. Great exspressive and emotional work.Congratulations .

June 16, 2001

Nora West, republic of Waiheke
lovely to browse through the collection- particularly liked jane Collins' kimono and Dale's Carve my Name, and young escher, that symmetry of claws.
Do visit Patterns of Identity at,the Auckland Uni tech one, cheers, Nora

June 16, 2001

death, asia
where are all the stuf about where your art gallery is found.

June 13, 2001

gee, australia
He was the da bomb i grew up watching his shows and i ended up naming my cat after him when i was 9 "billi.t" and yes i still have all my videos of him that my mum taped for me.. he was a ledgend then a he is a ledgend now r.i.p

June 13, 2001

Steph Cockerill (Ovenden), Victoria Terrific site, great to catch up on the local work now that I reside in Australia. Have passed the site on to the local Tafe(polytech) where I completed a Diploma in Visual Art last year.Impressed with the local talent, and again thrilled to be able to view it on line. Cheers

June 11, 2001

Carry en Cees, The Netherlands
Yes. we hebben je website gevonden met de hulp van Wil en Wim.
We hebben nog niet zo goed gekeken maar we gaan hem nu helemaal bekijken!
Leuk om te zien.
Jan je hoort nog van ons.
liefs carry en Cees
en natuurlijk van onze hele familie!

June 9, 2001

Eunice Bailey, Auckland, NZ
Very impressed with your work Pat Wood -I'll remind Glenn to have a look. Keep up the good work and looking forward to seeing lots more!

June 9, 2001

Kirsty, NZ
Fantastic site ... enjoyed seeing Butchs digger by Tim Chadwick especially!

June 8, 2001

Simon Hunter, London, UK
Alby Carter's "Walk" pictures are beautiful. I live on the only Leith Road in London and it's nothing like yours. Are these pictures for sale?

June 2, 2001

little bobby duncan, USA
Another beautiful exhibit. I look forward to the notices of your exhibits every month.
They only make me want to visit you even more. Maybe 2002. I went to a wedding in Chicago last weekend saw some great art at the Art Institute!

May 30, 2001

patricia houghton, australia
love to see art from home

May 26, 2001

Marlene Perry, New Zealand
Great to see your art on the 'net

May 17, 2001

Remy, Netherlands
Very nice site, please visit mine

May 17, 2001

christine chesswas, taranaki
i am familiar with your website, very good.i would like to exhibit there too. belong to stratford group.its agood opportunity and people from everywhere view these things.bless yäll.

May 14, 2001

Miss Placed Being, us, Hawaii
i can relate to your moves me..i am a collage artist myself...keep doing your truth...and i will continue to do mine..maybe..on the end...the circle of truth will be full.........................

May 11, 2001

Barbara Grant, London
What you're doing with 'virtual tart' truly harnesses the positive power of the internet and is exactly what NZ needs to go all out to establish a sustainable global market niche.

May 8, 2001

wee robbie duncan, USA
A beautiful show. It only reinforces my desire to come to your part of the world for a visit. I love the color and the vision.

May 1, 2001

Robert Janssen, nz
Would you be interested in adding to your links As this site is designed to help the artists.
Kindest regards Robert Janssen

April 27, 2001

Corinne Balestrini, France
super génial !

April 25, 2001

Linden Kilkelly, New Zealand
Like your site and artist.great.....

April 22, 2001

Gunnar and Janet, New Zealand
might be interested in being involved

April 21, 2001

JoAnne (chilili), USA
Your paintings are marvoulous, I would love to see more of your work. Will come to your page often to see new paintings. I would also like to know about buying some of them.

April 19, 2001

Leone Chamberlain, New Zealand
What a great way to get a quick fix of art from home - fabulous! Do you remember the 'Let them eat cake' exhibition all those years ago? YOu are very talented people. thank you.

April 14, 2001

nechamah, usa
come and visit my site,

April 1, 2001

Judy White, New Zealand
Great site... love the current exhibition by Bev Goodwin.

April 1, 2001

Celia Davies, New Zealand
Great to see such interesting works. The talent in NZ goes on and on

March 24, 2001

Coral Dolan, new plymouth
I am currently enrolled at polytech doing a CVA, and have decided to do an presentation on Marianne Muggeridge. I remember reading some profiles on her in your site a few weeks ago. I am now unable to find these. Any ideas??? or can you please send me any info that you have. am now clocking up around 9hrs internet time to find this information! ps found your cd disk at library, it!

March 16, 2001

Allan W. Rumball, Caledonia,Mi USA
Great site, well done

March 11, 2001

Geoff Cole, New Zealand
I grew up in Hawera and am looking for a painting of Mt Egmont. Not chocolate box thing but perhaps close. Any help?

March 7, 2001

Gemma Walsh, Ireland
I can't see a picture of the war painting to end all war paintings... no links work to it!!! someone email it to me!! ahhhh!
I need it!!

March 2, 2001

dale de cleene, new zealand
simply the best. great variety

March 1, 2001

Karen Fox, New Zealand
Fantastic work great site, well done. Your sister in law told me of your site. K.K

February 28, 2001

Teresa Mullin, Opunake, new Zealand
Great art! Many very interesting pieces. i especially liked Roger Morris' 'Taranaki Cow' - very cool.
taranaki art is the best!

February 28, 2001

Frances Slee, New Zealand
i like new zealand art

February 21, 2001

brent record, south africa
Up the South!
(The meaning of the message is that cultural activity, indeed ideology, tends to be dominated by the value systems and norms of the northern hemishere, particularly in the English and Spanish/Portuguese speaking worlds, which are the major languages of the southern hemishere. It is therefore good to see some art from down south. Yours, Brent)

February 21, 2001

Denice McCarten, Wellington NZ
Being new to the Internet I 'fell' on this site. I am so impressed with Taranaki talent. It makes me even more proud to have been born there (Hawera).
I hope you all keep up the excellent work.

February 21, 2001

very good work
great to see on the net
nice pages
go for it

February 19, 2001

Ron and Christine Papworth, England
Keep up the good work
this is impresive.
Say hello to Silvia Cole.

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