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June 1, 2003

Hi Dale!
Can you pass on to this months Artists how much I've enjoyed viewing their works - Rae's Palliser Bay and Marie's Tongapouutu are great! Also enjoyed Tracey's colourful Pasifika work and dynamism of Glenys's 'Weathered Rocks' and 'Grasses'.
Lorraine 'White Hart' is a really accurate portrayal of the building - must have been a few years ago to have lawn on the opposite corner Lorraine!!!
The Hurleyville Store and Annes Old House by the Mountain reminds me of so many older farm-houses in our region - always evocative of days gone by and great to see them recorded.
Finally, Noras watercolours remind me of how fortunate I am to live here - reflections of sights we see frequently , here in New Plymouth.
Well done Gels and thanks!!
Jo Massey

April 18, 2003

Dale pleased to see you doing something you enjoy.
You taught me in 1983 at Okato.
Keep up the beautiful work.
Thanks Fleur

April 16, 2003


April 14, 2003

I visit your site for the second time, I find also new things, that make it very nice but you make also great sculptures.
Greetings from Luc - from Belgium

April 13, 2003

a friend sent me the link and I am so impressed I have bookmarked it.
Miriam I really like your butterfly works and the commentary.
Thanx to all of you for giving me some beautiful art to look at as I snatch time from working.
Fran Hazid, New Zealand

May 5, 2003

I love the work shown here. The portraits and landscapes are really wonderful. I hope your work will return to the States sometime soon.
Best, little bobby duncan

April 20, 2003

Can't wait to join you all next Bakers Dozen...great works...Joy, USA

April 19, 2003

Hi there I've just checked out the web site, it's great and I'm feeling a little nostalgic.
Good ole Taranaki.
I'm in Brisbane, finished my Advanced Diploma of Ceramics at Southbank TAFE last year although with two young children still have the trouble of finding the time to complete pieces to sell.
I have been back the last two years at Christmas time and love visiting the gallery's to check out all the fresh and imaginative creations that these gifted artists are producing.
Well must go it's 11.00 pm and children don't like to sleep in.
Leanne Gilbert, Australia.

April 16, 2003

You are amazing with this collection! What ambition! What style!
We marvel at the art. Thank you for doing this.
Susan Larochelle

April 15, 2003

Chesswas pictures
Found your pics very colourful, looks like straight from the tube which is becoming popular with several Uk artists.
Are you going to the Chesswas reunion? Brian and Gill from England are travelling over for it as I type. If you meet Gill, tell her she left a chicken in the oven!
Regards, Colin Osborne.

April 8, 2003

Dale and Jo- great work, time and effort put into the display of the new collages on the net.
Great job.
I bet they look just as good on display in the gallery.
Cheers Glenys

April 8, 2003

WOW... I am impressed.... Thanks for including me!!!!!

April 7, 2003

Thanks for sharing! I love the art.
Ruth Simpson, quilt artist
Wasilla, Alaska, USA

April 2, 2003

I have greatly enjoyed the collection of collages, the intensity of the of the colors and the fullness of shapes and pictures are saying more than my words can express.
Thank you to all artists. A special thank you to Jeanne Rohen, my dear friend.

April 1, 2003

hi outdid yourself..great collection .
i'm drooling all over the keyboard...they are spectactular !!!!
thank you for the visual treat! Betz

April 1, 2003

I wanted to send a thank you to all the artists that have contributed to this site and to the Bakers Dozen.....
I have been following now for a while....
I haven't the courage to send one of my pieces to you but hopefully one day.........
I have gained so much inspiration from all of you .....
you can not possibly know......
Please never stop...
I love you .....
Deia in Venice Beach, California

March 23, 2003

Amanda Hewlett, We found you on a Google search - Coral recently told of the site and showed us a tryptich.
Keep it up!
John & Trilby....

March 23, 2003

Watching the mountain mark the passing of time. Capturing its magnificence in color and wave. I am captivated by the beauty of this collection.
Thank you for sharing it with us.
Love, ms

March 2, 2003

Enjoyed numerous images, but it is 3AM in the USA, so must force myself to stop.
Will enjoy joining you again.
Looking forward to participating in the 5th Bakers Dozen this 2003 year.
Saralyn Buzen, USA

March 2, 2003

Mary sent us the link to this website, & your art is really stunning!
Such vibrant colors, and I really see feel of the NZ landscape.
This is a great way to be able to see art that's so far away.
The other artists have wonderful stuff, too.
I'm sending this link to my sister -- also an artist -- in Maryland.
--Nancy Butler in Austin, TX, USA

March 1, 2003

Rachel McAlpine, Wellington NZ
Very lush paintings, and I liked "cast-offs" BTW.

March 1, 2003

E Te Atua mai ki au te mauri tau
Ki te tango i nga mea e kore a taca e au te whakarereke
Tukuna mai te ngakau maia
Ka te whakarereke i nga mea
Ka taea e au,a,
Tukuna mai hoki te matauranga
Kia mohio au ko tehea tehea.
To me you are a major part of this change.
Thanks for all your inspiration.
Anne-Marie Cleggy

March 1, 2003

Beautiful and impressive work!
Ileana Frometa Grillo

February 25, 2003

Just looking through this site has really motivated me to get off my butt and PAINT.
Thanks guys a little inspiration goes a long way.
Craig liggett.NP .NZ

February 22, 2003

Was very excited to find some colorful, contemporary basketry on your site.
Have been searching the web exhaustively for New Zealand contemporary basketry and finally found Mary Donald on your site.
Great site, glad to see the arts are thriving in your area!
Keely LeBlanc, USA

February 8, 2003

Dale, Thanks again for hooking me up to Virtual Tart one more time.
I'll enjoy it much at my new home.
And I'll expose my girlfriend to your site.
For Jo, thank you, your humor and talent are wonderful.
I love the concept of doing commission pieces from heirlooms! Recycling at it highest form.
Sincerely, little bobby duncan New Jersey, USA

February 7, 2003

wow beautiful art,,,, what a magicical site to come across.....kushila in oz

February 6, 2003

Hello there
Imogen from England checking in on Anne Marie Clegg and isn't she clever.
Just love the push one.
Wonderful site will get freinds to log in.
Keep it going.
Imogen, Kent, England

February 1, 2003

Thank you, Dale, for showing us Jo Massey's work. I love it! I'll be going back again and again just to experience it.
-Lisa, USA.

February 1, 2003

Nancy Nikkal, USA
You have another beautiful show. I loved "the King" and "Woody Allen."
Best regards,

January 29, 2003

"Push" by Anne-Marie Clegg is awesome!
The dynamics of her work is incredible. She puts her heart and soul into each piece - and it shows.

January 27, 2003

FAO Dale Copeland
WOW! I have been doing what I (for want of a better name) call my "cheese-boxes" for about a year now; until I saw your work I really thought I was the only one out there who thought along these lines.
I think your work is truly magic; I'm just off now to tell my friend Kea about it; she's a New Zealander who I met via a great BBC website called h2g2 (if you'd like details, let me know, or if you find it yourself go to the page "Terri and Yoda, cheese-boxes extraordinaire")
I would love to hear from you, any time you feel like popping across to S.W France, let us know!
Keep up the good work!
Terri Stirling.

January 22, 2003

Congratulations on the new "real" TART gallery.
I'm sure it's worth at ticket from the US to NZ just to see all of the wonderful art in person.
Until then, though, I love looking at Taranaki art on the Web site.
Cheers, Delores

January 15, 2003

Hello artists
Have just had another nostalgia trip to your web site - keep up the great work.
Alison and Don Sowman, London England

January 6, 2003

I just love your art!
Wish I could afford to buy a work.
Best wishes for a prosperous New Year!

December 25, 2002

It was a pleasure to look at your website - it is a fantastic collection of artists using different media.
I like in particular the work that reflects the Taranaki environment - the colours, the shells and the mountain that dominates the region. Please keep it up - I look forward having at look at it from the UK.
Luisa Freitas dos Santos Livingston
Portugal (living in the UK)

December 23, 2002

What can I say, GREAT, GREAT ,GREAT. Good to see so many Taranaki artists taking their work to the world to see and what a great way to be able to browse at your leisure and enjoy.
Thank you all,
Dave Beale, NZ

December 14, 2002

I am Mile Davidovic, naive painter and I want make contact with you to exchange informations about naive art and exhibitions all around the world. Please look my web site and write me your impressions.
Best regards.
Mile Davidovic

November 2, 2002

JANKO, Bulgaria.

November 1, 2002

just spent time catching up - great art as always
Margaret Baker, New Zealand.

November 1, 2002

thank you for your website,for us to your work as well...
Joy Maryland,USA
"It's never too late to be who you might have been"...George Eliot

November 1, 2002

Janet, hi
I like your work - and your "break fown the barriers" attitude. Narrow definitions of art only hobble us all.
Thanks for a good show, and good words.
Judy Finer, USA
Baker's Dozen participant

October 18, 2002

Well after a night of red wine ! I thought it was time to check out a tart, or T.A.R.T,
Hello Dale!
in a simi drunkin state, I would like to inform you that Allan (Waldo) Hartley is indeed a mad man!
he should (if judged by the norm) be locked up, but I being sligthly ab-norm think his is one of the most talented artist to come from the land of long clouds and sheep, you of coruse are as always super to !
ciao and think of me in the morning, ooh if I could only paint!

October 6, 2002

thanks to Dale (web mistress) and all the artists (represented on Virtual tart) .. you gave my urban Sunday afternoon a taste of Taranaki freshness.
Thanks for keeping the home fires burning for we absentee Naki cats.
caroline of cabal

October 4, 2002

Great stuff , Well done to all those involved !!
Keep it up !!
Looking forward to see more Taranaki Art !!
Jeremy ( N.Z )

October 1, 2002

I'm very like this site
good work!!!!!!!!!
pierre jean, France

October 1, 2002

I was really impressed by Joanne Wilks. Her images get the mind dancing.
Mathew, New Zealand

September 25, 2002

A great Vibrant Exhibition- I really enjoyed the"Birds of Paradise" by Jan Russell.
Glenys Bloor, New Zealand

September 5, 2002

Congratulations to Trish, Denise, Marguerita, Karen, and Jan on an interesting and refreshing exhibition, well done
pauline giles
new plymouth

September 4, 2002

really good website, but I trawled through about a dozen artists, who were all painters, until I found a ceramist!
would be helpful to have some sudivision?
don't know where Taranaki is, my geography of NZ is pretty basic.
Nice easy site to navigate - really appreciate that...
Jo Scott, Dorset, england
See my wonderful website at:

September 2, 2002

I'd like to contact two of the artists, but didn't know how to....if that's possible please send instructions directly to me.
Pamela, New Zealand

August 31, 2002

I found the website very easy to use, and the works looked fantastic.
I particularly wanted to see Denise Newland's work, so thank you for the efforts put into this site.
Gillian Hill N.Z.

August 21, 2002

What a great site full of Taranaki vibrance and creativity - and the international works featured in the Bakers Dozen are just awesome.
Keep up the great work.
Bob Magowan, Auckland

August 2, 2002

p, nz

July 28, 2002

Jeni Sanford, Aotearoa
Only this to are all appreciated... and nuture a humble soul

July 22, 2002

Just cruisin' by for some refreshment

July 22, 2002

pauline giles, newzealand
Thank you for a stunning Bakers Dozen exhibition still enjoying browsing thank you all for participating

July 22, 2002

Andrea, New Zealand
Hi Paul,
I am totally amazed at how life-like your paintings are, you are a real inspiration,
It is great to be able to view your paintings on-line, as well as being able to view some of the other local artists work.
Thanks, Andrea

July 21, 2002

John Brebner, New Zealand
Will slot tart into my favorite sites.
Congratulations on sharing the creative energy streaming out of taranaki. Awesome!

July 16, 2002

Jeanne Roth, USA
The collage exhibit is wonderful.
So glad that my friend Denise Enslen inspired me to be a part of it.
Thank you for a great show.

July 9, 2002

Jayne Hares, Somerset, England
Great Website, I have so enjoyed sharing these glorious images from all over the world, whilst sitting in England!
Loved my cousin Glenda's collage. A most worthy participant in an excellent exhibition.
Will visit regularly.

July 5, 2002

Glenys Bloor, New Zealand
Dale-Well done-The "Collage Exhibition" looks great on the Net and in the shop space.
Good to see such a variety of different styles of works worldwide in New Plymouth.

July 2, 2002

Desmond Frith, New Zealand
Hi, I was previously a student of Taranaki Polytechnic Graphic design programme of the 1998 - 2000.
Speculation to me disapearing off the earth is just rumours, as I am now working full time as a graphic designer for a palmerston NOrth company and making a healthy wage. I was voted most successful designer at work and most creative (as we have 22 designers.
Thats all for now, if yu are looking for a Job down this way give me a call and i will look around for you [:)]

July 2, 2002

a pleasure viewing your site.

July 2, 2002

Judy Felperin, USA
Love the ease with which I can see the art work.
Love the colorful collages.

July 1, 2002

Jo Massey, Aotearoa/NZ
What a selection on the Collage Exhibition Dale!
A feast - thanks for your work getting this uyp and running - no small feet!
So pleased I can get to see it in the 'real'!

July 1, 2002

Shirley Schwartz, USA
Congratulations to all the St. Louis, MO area artists.
How wonderful to be included in this international show.
Your work shines out.

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