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March 7, 1999

Kirsten Jensen, New Zealand
Great site.
Looking forward to more in the future, and also hope to visit various studios to see this live.
We are really impressed with the quality of the work and how well organised the site is.
Such a pleasure.

March 6, 1999

Dan Todds art is "The Best" but then I'm probably biased.
Averil thinks its "Out There" but then shes a brat.

March 2, 1999

Rae van't Hof, New Zealand
Congratulations to Stratford Art Society - a great show.
I am looking forward to lots more browsing - so much to take in.

March 1, 1999

Mary Williams, UK
Enjoyed the Stratford show very much.
Also Dale's sites.
Thanks for continuing to send me news of site exhibitions.
Best wishes
Mary Williams

March 1, 1999

Marianne Muggeridge, New Zealand
Some beautiful work .. Betty, Mavis, Joan ...
Wonderful to see so much work. Good to catch up.

February 28, 1999

Quitman C. Lambert
Very nice work indeed.
Was just looking for family trees (Lambert) and happened up on Peter Lambert, very nice it was.

February 27, 1999

Sheilah Rowe, New Zealand
I am interested in the assemblage work on show - - I really enjoy the little worlds inside boxes aspect - - but I wonder if I can get to see it - - I thought Okato was north of Tauranga, but now see it is near New Plymouth. I have noticed recently how many interesting things are going on in the Taranaki region! (I am in Tauranga). Oh well, thanks for your help.
Cheers, Sheilah

February 23, 1999

Paula Doxey, USA
I love Dale Copeland's work. I found you reading Peggy Earle's article on a website. Your work moves me. Thank you for sharing it with us via the Web. If I was interested in purchasing one of your pieces, how would one go about that/ I live in Dallas, TX. Your, piece "Alan..." had an amount in NZ, what is the US equivilant?

February 21, 1999

Marlene Woltz, USA
Really enjoyed the trip.
Saw the article on the combined assemblage in the Virginia Pilot. I have always wanted to do what you all are doing. But now my life has been taken over by collage. I belong to a group The Textile Designers of the Tidewater area.
We have a membership that consists of quilters, paper makers, collagests, and we have one member that does assemblage. so Peggy good for you I find this collaboration exciting. So give me a call if you are interested in our group. we are hobbiests not professional artists, but aspiring all the same.
I only got to do a once over of the site because hubby wants the phone but I plan to return for longer look.
thank you for a unique experience

February 21, 1999


February 19, 1999

Robyn Cochran
These are so beautiful and compelling,
Thank You for Sharing!

February 18, 1999

Lyla Spears
I saw your name on the Internet while searching for ancestors of mine.
It was interesting to view some of your works, because we have so many talented artists on the Mclean side of our family!

February 17, 1999

Geoff Simpson, Australia
Hello i am making a site much like yours but in Melbourne Australia my address is

February 11, 1999

Carlos Bezerra, Brazil
Brasilian plasstic artist who want a marchand in EUA or other country

February 9, 1999

Nan OLD, Australia
Wonderful to see work by our rangatahi of Taranaki. I do miss our Maunga.
Would like to purchase a bone taonga from you Reece.

February 8, 1999

Hal & Karen Silverman, USA
We are relatives of Peggy Deans Earle.

February 8, 1999

David Tian, China
talented artiests, talent works.
Have you thought to show in China? I will assist you.

February 7, 1999

Marianne Muggeridge, New Zealand
Looking great .. love the new work and good to see other assemblage art .. amazingly similar look to work but also distinctly different feel. Also good to see new Paul Hutchinson piece .. Wow .. And Graeme Kirk !!

February 4, 1999

arnell ando
I enjoyed visiting your website. As a fellow collagist, it's a great comfort to see other artists of this medium explore in such creative ways!!
Warmest wishes,
arnell ando

February 4, 1999

francesca maniaci, USA
**(Posted on a collage mailing list)**
Hi I am a new member and I just checked out Dale Copeland Virtual tart website with its new exhibition and I was very impressed with the collage assemblage work.
Check it out it is great stuff.

February 3, 1999

Fung Lin Hall
Lovely site with wonderful assemblages.
Visit my webart of photo montages dedicated to humor, cities, cinema, culture and literature, at
Newly installed Saguaro Follies is an interactive site based on archetypes.
Waiting for your snappy submissions.

February 2, 1999

Catherine Yakovina, Russia
I have taken a look at Assemblage artworks by Peggy Deans Earle and Leo Kaplan (both USA) and Dale Copeland (NZ).
I think it is very unusual and interesting art works. All artists are talented.

February 1, 1999

Victor Preedy, UK
The work is refreshing for a Monday morning and I liked the text that goes with the work.
regards Victor

February 1, 1999

Van maele Francis, Luxembourg
I enjoyed your pages with ASSEMBLAGE.
good work all 3 of you

February 1, 1999

Anne Harris, USA
Wonderful gathering of Assemblages - - the added words make them more understandable.
Geneology by Peggy especially strong.

January 28, 1999

Douglas B MacGregor (THE MORTICIAN), USA
The farmers wife - what was she doing with the dog?
I liked the art on a whole - some stuff is just to far out for me.
Thanks for sharing
Best Regards

January 25, 1999

Alison Robinson, New Zealand
I'm pleased to have found you.

January 24, 1999

Particularly powerful work in "Rape of Bosnia"

January 19, 1999

just to say i love angels picture anythink with angels i love very much
thank you

January 15, 1999

Allan Hartley, New Zealand
Great Art!
Where is Okato

January 6, 1999

Ars Nova 2000 Gallery, USA
Ars Nova 2000 Gallery has many links to other art resources on the web.
Like your page.

January 4, 1999

Valerie Barrett, New Zealand
Checked out the tart site like the new works particularly Demons and Angels

January 1, 1999

Mary Williams, UK
Thank you Dale!
The latest is wonderful especially Rongonui and Willard-Moore.
It would be good to see more prices and availability status on all the exhibits.
A very Happy and Successful New Year to you and all at Puniho.
Best wishes

December 28, 1998

Ava McGregor, New Zealand
Wem are about to visit Opunake so looked up the site on the Web. Yours was the first page. Most interesting. Is the Mountain/Freisians still for sale?
We have your Irises. Most visitors are dumbstruck when seeing it as it is on a cream wall, and pic is as is with no frame - as it was meant to be.
Kindest regards
The McGregors

December 28, 1998

Val Barrett, New Zealand
Cool front page Paul see you over New Year

December 27, 1998

stuart gilpin, UK
excellent site to visit
happy new year

December 23, 1998

I've seen lots of other cow sites and there have been a few I like and a few I don't like but this is one I really love.
Thanks for this cow site

December 22, 1998

love the logo paul. looks really good.

December 15, 1998

Corey Reid
Your Them Coolest Site Ever!!!!!!!

December 14, 1998

Annette Stott, New Zealand
Big fan of Rae Van't Hof. All sights are really interesting to visit.
Heaps of talent in Taranaki!

December 11, 1998

richard eva, New Zealand
we had a good look and thoght it was wonderful and are really proud to see our work on the web thanks muchly

December 10, 1998

Allan Bridgeman, New Zealand
As proud Grandparents of William Lane we would like to thank you for the opportunity to get the background information of the "Celebrating Our Difference" Exhibition.
It was great to be able to see all the art selected.
Glennis and Allan Bridgeman

December 10, 1998

Charlotte McCullough
Boston Public Schools, USA
What a wonderful way to view the world about us.
I look forward to January.
Well wishes from Boston.

December 5, 1998

Peter Murray, New Zealand
Very interesting. I enjoyed the mountain exhibition a while back.

December 3, 1998

Susan Powell, Australia
I first visited your site in June this year to see my brother Mike O'Kane's sculptures.
Great to see such a variety of art works.

December 2, 1998

Roberto Chiodi, Italia
sempre senza massimo!
brava Dale

December 1, 1998

Catherine Yakovina, Russia
"Celebrating Our Difference" is excellent project.
Thank you for possibility to have a look at "Celebrating Our Difference"!

December 1, 1998

Just researching the family tree and found your site. Excellent pics very poor distant relation of the Rootes group. Swindon in Wilts UK

November 28, 1998

Wayne McVicar, New Zealand
Wild stuff remo. Keep the message on the WALLS of the universe.

November 26, 1998

Jarvis Cocker (also Elvis), New Zealand
Stunning what more can I say.
How about superlative.
Esp liked the stuff on Tim.J.Chadwick.
Brilliance I tell you, nothing less.

November 24, 1998

Silvina Colnett, USA
Love sculptural quality of the work

November 22, 1998

robert fisher, Canada
nice work.
i have a keen art eye as my father is a well known canadian artist
good luck.

November 20, 1998

Robyn Bellospirito, USA
I enjoyed this site very much! I am an artist from NY, USA and it is wonderful to be able to see what other artists are doing on the other side of the world.

November 16, 1998

doris rowe, Li
Loved angela's earth goddess - somewhat like the venus of willensdorf - how big is the sculpture shown here?

November 16, 1998

Claude Perret, Switzerland
hello, it's so great looking at your art from the other end of the planet, knowing that I'll be there in two weeks for visting your wonderfull country ... old dream becomes true.
I hope to be able to pass by .. to see in real.

November 15, 1998

Molly Gearhart
I really enjoyed your erotica pieces.
Its cool that I can go online and see what people are doing around the country and world.

November 9, 1998

LINDA GOUGH, New Zealand

November 9, 1998

John Omundsen, New Zealand
I enjoy popping in. Like the stone work Reece.

November 7, 1998

Yvonne Coleman, New Zealand
very nice dears

November 4, 1998

Michael T. Mason, USA
Good to see old friends

November 4, 1998

To the stonecarver
Beautiful work! I love to search out this kind of work. I only hope that someday I may have the time to experience the pleasure of trying this myself. Check out Walter Arnold at STONECARVER.COM
John Groteluschen

November 3, 1998

Jann Walden, New Zealand
Hi, enjoyed meeting you in person Dale -
Love de flowering of da exotic erotic stuff.

November 3, 1998

Pauline O'Leary nee Walden, Australia
Dear Dale,
Thank you for sending me examples of our artwork in Aotearoa.
I feel honoured to be given an insight into the contemporary artwork of our country. Is there an art gallery in Taranaki where some of these are displayed?
I will be returning to Rahotu for Xmas.
Bye for now!

November 3, 1998

professor nadget
only ONE copulartii!!!!
NOT GOOD ENUFF. wots going on?
isnt erotic enuff. more raw corn pleaSE.

November 2, 1998

little bobby duncan, USA
just saw the erotica show. dynamite!
dale, you can sure print anything i send you. thank you again.
little bobby

November 2, 1998

Judy Wray, USA
Hey! that was a nice surprise!!!!!!!!!!
I did not know Duncan had made it!!!
This is a lot of fun.

November 2, 1998

Sue Macdonald
What a great site! I've just discovered it.
Brought back great memories of living in New Plymouth and Taranaki art. Enjoyed seeing Fiona's work again and Werenia Kipa.

November 2, 1998

Carole Shepheard, New Zealand
Sorry about the Mairangi bay rejection of your work Roger - but it doesn't surprise me in any way! Galleries seem to not have a problem with other physical bodily acts - like the crucifixion - but your subject and the subject of birth and sex all seem to press buttons.
Who's watching over whom I'd like to know.
Anyway - galleries are the most conservative places in which to show work and maybe this form of presentation gets more of a response - at least it got me going!

November 1, 1998

Bryce Stevens, New Zealand
found you in my mail and came looking...great tart

November 1, 1998

Anne Harris, USA
Oh, WOW, What a HOOT! Really makes the juices rise.
Oh! to be sixty again!

October 31, 1998

Dani Muir
Lovely work

October 31, 1998

Richard and Margaret Cardiff, China
Browsing - found your website.
blast from the past.
Born and educated in Taranaki - currently working in Shanghai China.
This made us get goosebumps - will keep in touch.
Richard C (Chinese name Ke Da Fu)

October 22, 1998

glenda haynie
what a pleasure to read about your turn around in your life, Reece.
i too have found the pleasures of carving.
It is as you say, like a book-cant wait to see how the end will be!
Congratulations on your new life and work, which I enjoyed seeing.

October 18, 1998

Mary Williams, UK
Peter Lambert's works are wonderful!
They bring back NZ memories for me.
You have a great site!

October 12, 1998

Barry Salter, New Zealand
Peter Lamberts work never ceases to amaze, he captures the essence of the rugged Taranaki coast and sea. The newer styles are also refreshing.
Keep the brush flowing!!

October 9, 1998

Andreas Meile, Switzerland
enjoying your virtual exhibition "Painting & Printmaking". There are really some nice :-) pearl on it inside the landscape paintings. My favourite picture is "Light house from Bayly Rd beach".

October 8, 1998

claude perret, switzerland
nice to see sea-sculptures from david holmes on a rainy cold day in switzerland.

October 7, 1998

P. G. O'B
Hey. Stopped in for a peek. Super.

October 7, 1998

Janet Keen, New Zealand
love to see your site changing so often...visually very exciting..

October 4, 1998

Cindy & Stu
Eyecone Gallery, New Zealand
The site is great - Peter's work look amazing, so does the copper jewellery.

October 4, 1998

Jane from Maine, USA
Congrats, Peter!
Hope the show goes well and you keep on painting.
Love your new Cataracts one . . Our favorite place .. Taranaki forever . .
See you soon!
Love to Rene and you X

October 3, 1998

Little Bobby Duncan, USA
It's a great site.
I love seeing the magnificent work of other artists around the world. These are truly amazing machines.

October 1, 1998

Igor Ulanovsky, Israel
Very impressed. Many thanks.
Igor Ulanovsky

October 1, 1998

Rose Motion, New Zealand
Love it all

September 20, 1998

Eileen Fitzpatrick, New Zealand
Have just taken Joan for a view through your gallery.
Were very impressed

September 15, 1998

Pauline O'Leary Walden, Australia
It was fantastic locating the web site displaying such a group of talented artists in Taranaki.
A lot of the art work brought back memories of my life as a teenager in the area.
When I return Dec. 98 I hope to view the art work. When I think of home I know I can return to this site anytime.

September 15, 1998

tom donnelly, Canada
looks good

September 14, 1998

john clark, New Zealand
aint it b.. marvelous!

September 10, 1998

Anne Harris, USA
Two wonderful artists - lifted my spirits and enlarged my horizons.
Thanks for these gifts of spirit and beauty.

September 8, 1998

Blair Willan, New Zealand
All of your sites look great. Mine will be running soon as well.

September 7, 1998

shag dogg, USA
i likes your site alot
you have a striking name because i like tarts alot and i like artwork too.
email me back if you have anything else that has TART in it.

September 7, 1998

Babak Maleki, USA
NC State University
you are such a tarty type guy the paintings were so fascinating that my heart just melted keep up the good work your such a tart

September 6, 1998

tony pontious
I saw your painting "oath of vasectomy". you must have had the unfortunate experience yourself. I can only say that your painting captures the feeling all too well. I pray that you can paint "oath of vasectomy reversal" and show the joyfull side to reflect the exact opposite of the previous.

September 3, 1998

Anika, Israel
I enjoyed the virtual exibitions! Paul's Big Game is just fantastic! I was just in NY a pity that I did not see it there....
Please visit the Blue Room, my virtual Gallery of Meditative Aquarels at:
Peace & Light,
from Anika in Israel

September 2, 1998

Bruce McDonald, New Zealand
hi guys ....
just a quick visit ... wonderful ... sure as hell beats painting in the dark!!
loved Paul's work especially ... see u soon.

September 2, 1998

Trevor Pye, New Zealand
Well! This site just goes from strength to strength - watch out commercial galleries, soon you may be obsolete!
Congrats and good luck to the Taranaki show for making it to New York.
Also good wishes to messers Hutchinson and Earth - strong work, well able to hold their own in a highly competetive international environment.

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