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January 2, 2005

Your work is so enjoyable. I love it.
I can see something different in each piece as I look at it several times.
You really capture the nature and essence of the peices.
Thanks for your wonderful art and for you being just you.
Have a wonderful 2005.
Ronnie Baker, USA

December 16, 2004

Congratulaions for the varaiety and and riches of the diferent artists.
It's very interesting to see how diferent temperments in every singl artist.
Bautista. C.
Cristy, Italy

December 10, 2004

I visit the website reguarly and always enjoy its updates....but so much more prefer the actual gallery...
there's a vibrancy missing from the local Govett....and its all at TART.
Well Done!

December 6, 2004

Lynn (Cellar Uncle),
The paintings are FABULOUS!! The words "dark" and "moody" come to mind.
Comedy and tragedy - I love it. Keep it up.
Sean Hemstedt (riffism)
California, USA

December 2, 2004

Congradulations on a great themed Exhibition,a rich variety of images,and its international,fantastic!
there is alot of power and passion in these images,art with real social importance!

December 1, 2004

I absolutely love your collage World Peace, on the Virtual Tart site. Beautiful work!
Rand Swansey, Detroit, Michigan USA

December 1, 2004

Dale, I really love your thought provoking work!
Jacqueline Myers-Cho, USA

November 18, 2004

Just realized we left a message and no name!! Just wanted to say how fantastic Lee Russell's paintings are. She is truly gifted!!
Amazing work:)
Geordie & Melissa, Auckland NZ

November 17, 2004

Some really amazing work!!Lee Russell has some of the best work I have ever seen!!
Keep up the good work!!!:)
go the naki!!!

November 15, 2004

There is some amazing talent in Taranaki and it is wonderful to see them all gather together at Real Tart to exhibit their work, their ideals and their beliefs.
Cy Dujon

November 2, 2004

Great images Polli - lovely exhibition.
Mary Donald

November 1, 2004

Polli Marriner's work is fascinating. And you did a great job getting it on line from Mexico, Dale!
Am thinking about you there.......having had that pleasure earlier this year.
Elisabeth Holmes, Florida, USA

October 1, 2004

Angela Burns, Your mixed media collages are wondereful.
I hadn't seen your work before.
I really enjoyed looking at the Maximus family album.
I'll continue to look often.
Jeanne Roth, Gamaliel, Arkansas USA

September 18, 2004

heidi !!!!!!!
you have a bright easy eye for colour composition.
i look forward to your new art works Have you cards posters t shirts ?.

September 6, 2004

I really enjoyed your website, very easy to get around and particulary enjoyed the way one can view view the artists work.
Great variety of artists,
I hope to be joining them on your website soon.
Georgina Wilde

September 6, 2004

Beautiful work.
Martin Hoogeboom

September 4, 2004

verry interresting work. keep going.
Cristy Bautista, Italy

September 2, 2004

'Banned in The USA', Many thanks to all the artists concerned and to Dale for this exhibition.
wonderful to see some light.
Paula Mason, Aotearoa

September 2, 2004

I am pleased to see the exhibit, but shocked to hear that Judy Finer died suddenly in July. Although I didn't know her, we exchanged a few emails. Please extend my condolences to her friends and family.
Zoe, USA

September 1, 2004

I specialy liked the ®Banned Books Exhibition®!
Beautiful pieces!!!
Thank You!
Sebasti„o Pedrosa, Brasil

September 1, 2004

My condolences to friends and family of Ms. Finer. The Visual Tart Site is a wonderful tribute to her life and work, as the exhibition is fabulous!
Ralph Brekan, USA

September 1, 2004

I am shocked to read that Judy Finer is no longer with us. She was one of the top collage artists I have admired very much. She was always so original and refreshing in her work.
I am so very sorry.
Sincerely, Elisabeth Holmes, USA

July 24, 2004

I like your art very much.
Eu gosto muito de sua arte.
Jo„o Colagem,

July 23, 2004

One rarely reads about the struggling artist.
I mean the one that's really struggling.
With the limited supply of Koa wood and our Corporate rivals
....The nonconformist visionary perhaps unemployed and unemployable, yet living and surviving in order to portray a vision of beauty and truth by the strength of our inner vision.
Keith Colvin, Hawaii

July 8, 2004

To Lynn Morresey,
I first looked at your work when I was a part of the Collage Exchange on this site.
What I love about this current exhibit is Iíve had to come back three times and Iím still not done looking at it.
Really enjoying your work, your personal symbols and your sense of humor.
The creepiness doesnít hurt either!
Some feel oddly familiar, like Iíve been there before myself - especially the birthday parties.
Thanks for painting.
You must spend a great deal of time doing that.
Angela Ranzoni Oakland, CA

July 8, 2004

Simply came across your website in a vain attempt to find my name on the internet. Absolutely stunning artwork!
Becky Mooney; St. Paul, MN

July 1, 2004

I'd love to crawl through your mind.
Such fun paintings.
No use trying to interpret them but truely enjoyable.
I really love your work.
Jeanne Roth, Gamaliel, AR USA

June 4, 2004

My name is Lisa Marriner and i was just looking up my name on the net and came across your website. I think your paintings are amazing.
Lisa (UK)

June 1, 2004

Congratulations your work is full of poetry and sensitivity.
Bautista Cristina Florence (Italy).

May 25, 2004

thanks mr gurtej singh from newzeeland who in his letter some he wrote for punjabi newspaper
inspired people to visit your website and i got your web address .
really i love your paintings and great work of art and wish you all the best for ever.
from Rupinder Singh Dhillon, NORWAY

May 21, 2004

Hey Alby!,LovEEEEEEEEEEEee the paintings you have on the site,BEAUTIFUL!
my FAV is 'The Moon Hung low',great colour,the stars shine bright,fantastic!
the suprise painting for me was "deep sea",the atmoshere of that was wonderful,great paintings,

May 20, 2004

Dear Lynn Morresey,
Your paintings are great. I've looked at them often.
What a fun, bizarre, sense of humor. I'm looking forward to your upcoming exhibit.
My daughter in Texas is a fan of yours also. Maybe someday we'll own one.
Jeanne Roth, Gamaliel, Arkansas USA

May 20, 2004

I love Aithnia Batchelor's work - it's so unaffected and spontaneously naturally naive .
Jo Massey

May 18, 2004

Dear Bev,
Your Pax Vulva series is wonderful. So sculptural, and what lush textures.
I actually loved every one of them. I hope to see more of your work.
little bobby duncan, artist, USA

May 13, 2004

Dear Bev: I was marvelous surprised for your last work.
It is full of sensitive and creativity, I love it.
I am reallly happy to see you ar going ahead with your creativity.
Love Cristina ( Florence Italy.)

May 1, 2004

For Bev
While vulvas are not my favorite subject matter, these were tastefully and beautifully done
Patricia Anders

April 15, 2004

This is a wonderful chance to see the art that is done by artists from all over the world.
I love the work of Marlene Diamond but enjoy a chance to see all of these talented people.
Beverly Ellstrand, Park Ridge, Illinois. U.S. A.

April 7, 2004

Greetings from Montana.........
My sister sent me the site to click on the collage art.
The work of all the artist is super!
I have enjoyed my journey to your site and am sure I will re-visit often.
Loved the work of the artist Jeanne Roth.
Thank You So Much, Katie Sanders

March 28, 2004

Just thinking of doing a radio piece proposal for national radio of artists in new plymouth any i deas email
Great art wrks very talented.
Regards Carey Whalen

March 17, 2004

Many thanks for this wonderful and creative site.
My favourite artists are Dale and Robert McKeown.
Stanislav, Samara.Russia

February 4, 2004

Thoroughly enjoyed this site.
As an aspiring artist I found it very uplifting.
Living in the Waikato the Taupo Arts are in the process of getting a site up and running by April and after seeing the great works displayed here I will definitely be adding my work to the Taupo Virtual Gallery.
Lynda Taupo

January 26, 2004

To Joanne Wilkes:
Certainly food for thought there!!!
Beautifully done and so disturbing in it's perfect images... just like G.E. food.
As the saying goes: we are what we eat.
Francine SCHMIDT
Waimate, South Canterbury

January 26, 2004

Alby Carter, It's great to "find" your work again.
First saw your work at Hamilton's in Wairoa and fell in love with your Mahia paintings.
Jenny, Wairoa

January 1, 2004

I just wanted to first of all comment on the continuing high quality of work that you post on this TART website of yours, dale! i am always impressed and amazed at the art i can view there. thank you for doing this. i know how much work it is to put all these things online, and it is awesome you do this for the rest of the WORLD to view. thank you again.

October 23, 2003

This is my second time visiting your site and I'm thrill to see so much work that can inspire many artist including my self. After visiting your site I have no choice but to begin preparing the painting tools to create more happiness with colors.
Jose Rojas

October 16, 2003

An excellent site, what a great community you have, so much energy!
I will drop in again for inspiration and to tap into your energy.
Peter Keane, Painter

September 15, 2003

Congratulations Denise.
Your work is stimulating and refreshing.
Keep it up, with love Pauline Giles.

August 29, 2003

Met Barbara at the gallery where my work is on display, "The Cup and Canvas" at Port Elliot on the Fleurieu Peninsula of South Australia.
Have just looked at her work on your site. Very strong design. Would love to see it 'in the flesh'.
I am part of a quartette who all live in the area, known as "Three Beards and a Bird"...the 'bird' being a very fine watercolourist.
The 'beards' work in oils and/or acrylics and pastel. We are contemplating our own site.
If we ever make it, I'll forward the address.
You have some outstanding talent in your group.
Good luck.
Rod McCallum, "B1".

July 1, 2003

Hello Taranaki
Love your art Jayne - especially Opunake Beach as I was born at the Opunake Cottage Hospital on the cliff nearby.
This was more years ago than I care to remember - a lovey nostalgia trip, thankyou.
Alison Sowman
Currently in London.

July 1, 2003

.....the Opunake beach painting is amazing! Hope the gallery is doing well!
Kindest regards,
LindsayX, Paraguay

July 1, 2003

Nice show Jayne... Opunake is a rich hunting ground for painters and photographers. I always enjoyed the landscape and the strange hills... and the home grown people there.
Julian, Wellington

July 1, 2003

This site is a fantastic resource for the 'Naki
The art is of an exceptional standard, I am always blown away by the quality.
Can't wait to get back one day
Regards Duncan, New Zealand

June 21, 2003

Hi Really enjoyed seeing Glorias mountain from Opunake.
Deborah French, New Zealand

June 21, 2003

Hi Dale!
Congratulations for your work with the New Zeland Artists! They might be proud of you!!!
I always love to see your work, and I also the work of print makers.
Regards from Sebasti„o Pedrosa - Recife - Brazil

June 20, 2003

We enjoyed visiting your website and wish each and every artist all the best .
A vivid selection of work and talent. regards
Wallace and Susan Trickett, New Zealand

June 10, 2003

I scroll down and enjoyed every piece of work on display. Keep up the great work. Your work is very inspiring.

June 1, 2003

Some truly lovely work there, Dale. have good reason to be proud of your art colony!
Elisabeth Holmes, USA

June 1, 2003

Hi Dale:
I enjoyed looking at the art on site this month. You do a wonderful job
presenting the art of New Zealand artists. Congratulations.
I went into each of the Taranaki artists pages. All the art is wonderful - my taste runs more to abstract art - but each artist is a fine representation of the range of talents in your area. It is a pleasure to see so much art on one site.
Nancy Nikkal, USA

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